About Us

Lexway was founded in 1992 upon the principle that no litigation challenge is too tough for a team of talented, hard-working, committed lawyers. Recognizing that high-stakes litigation is never routine, our partners built a law firm designed to adapt to any challenge, match up against any adversary, and approach any problem with a strategy to win.

They succeeded. Lexway is no ordinary litigation law firm. It attracts legal talent from the national stage. The law firm has the unique ability to champion the rights of a wide range of clients in almost any setting, against any opponent, regardless of the pressure or the stakes. Lexway has earned a reputation as a law firm of skilled trial and appellate lawyers who will battle for their clients in any type of case – civil or criminal, and in any forum – the Supreme Court, the High Courts, the District Courts and Tribunals.

Lexway attracts clients as diverse and exceptional as the law firm’s skills. The law firm’s flexibility allows it to handle matters ranging from the fulfilling legal requirements of a company that is just setting up, high stake deals, litigation of complicated business disputes, to the prosecution of claims on behalf of deprived or persecuted persons, to the representation of business persons, professionals and corporations targeted by criminal investigations. Whatever your problem, the law firm can respond to your crisis with an approach carefully tailored to your needs.

Perhaps the best indication that Lexway has stayed true to its founding principle is the fact that fellow lawyers and judges so often come to the law firm for help when they themselves need representation.

Trust your toughest legal challenges to Lexway, Pakistan’s leading litigation and premier law firm.