Property Law

Our Law Firm assists and represents clients in all aspects of Property Law. Some of the most common disputes faced by the people regarding Property law include:

  • Title disputes of property;
  • Boundary dispute of property;
  • Disputes over home mortgages;
  • Foreclosures and evictions;
  • Co-ownership disputes;
  • Agency issues;
  • Construction disputes such as disputes between contractor and sub-contractors;
  • Issues with zoning and land use; 
  • Illegal possession of property;
  • Builder delays in transferring ownership of property;
  • Property disputes between families and Benami ownership etc; 
  • Purchase or sale contracts including acquisition and other fraud/mistake claims;
  • Nonperformance of contractual obligations.

Beside permanent relief our law firm also helps its clients to seek interim relief in the aforesaid disputes such as stay orders and grant of injunction. The firm has represented its clients in the DistrictCourts and High Court as well as appeals to the Supreme Court.