Inheritance & Succession

Inheritance of the deceased estate is the most common issue faced by his/her legal heirs. Lexway has expertise in advising and representing clients for management of their estate so their assets are left with the beneficiaries as per their wishes. The firm also assists clients for administration of the estate of the deceased where the deceased have died without leaving a will and where the inheritance is disputed amongst the legal heirs.

The firm provides the following services with regards to Inheritance & Succession:

  • Drafting Wills and Gift Deeds as per the statutory provisions of the applicable laws of Pakistan;
  • Applying for Succession Certificate and/or Letters of Administration at the High Court or District Court as per the valuation of the deceased’s estate,
  •  Handling the disputes related to Will or estate where the owner has died without succession planning;
  • Partition of the Property among the legal heirs as per their share under the laws of Pakistan.

Lexway also assist its clients for inheriting assets of the deceased which are in a foreign state, through the courts in Pakistan. The firm advises clients on the legal implications that occur from cross-border probate, wills and grant of Letter of Administration ensuring minimum difficulties in the process.