World Population Day

World Population Day is observed every year on 11th July. The aim is to raise awareness of global population issues. These issues can be resolved by family planning which will also aid in reducing poverty.

Family planning is extremely important for a woman’s health and wellbeing. The spacing and timing of pregnancies directly affects maternal health. It enables a woman to focus on her and her child’s health as healthy mothers give birth to healthy offspring. She will also have more quality time for herself and her family. It will also lessen the burden on the father and the children will have access to more resources.

Over population also has drastic effects on the economy. The ratio of the youth entering the job market compared to the available job opportunities is huge. This causes unemployment leading to depression, frustration and even street crimes.

Over growth also effects the environment disastrously. The limited resources of the planet will not be able to cater to the growing population. Deforestation, global warming,water and air pollution, depletion of natural resources and increased habitat loss are all consequences of over population.

The idea of population control, especially in our part of the world, continues to be a taboo. Unless this issue is addressed the world will continue to suffer. We need to educate our citizens about the importance of family planning and the methods of contraception to protect the environment and to be able to use our resources effectively.

Written by: Alvina Farhat