Abdul Sattar Edhi: A Great Icon of Humanity

Abdul Sattar EdhiWe are deeply saddened by the passing away of the world’s greatest humanitarian and social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi. At this hour of sorrow, the nation’s prayers are with his family, which includes not just his wife and children but the hundreds of thousands of orphans, disabled and the sick whom he helped, saved and cured. He touched more lives than any other person.

This is indeed a great loss, not just for Pakistan, but for the entire humanity.

Our thoughts and prayers are with him.

Abdul Sattar Edhi Quote
Abdul Sattar Edhi Quote

Happy Independence Day

Flag of PakistanOn the occasion of the 68th year of Pakistan as an Independent Nation, Lexway wishes this great nation and all its citizens a very happy Independence Day.

Freedom is never given; It is won

May Pakistan prosper always!

Happy Independence Day!